Vancouver: győzelem a negyeddöntőért

Vancouver: győzelem a negyeddöntőért

2019-08-16 – A fordulatos első játszma után sokkal simábban alakult a második szett.

Babos Tímea-Harriet Dart (brit) 7:5, 6:2


A mérkőzés 1 óra 37 percig tartott Vancouverben.


The Hungarian player turned from 0:2 to 3:2 but quickly lost Her break advantage. In the next two games, the receivers were better, losing only one rally each. Dart then won her serve, leading 5:4.


Timi took control, won her serve to 0, and lost one rally in the next two games. This is how the opening act ended.


The second set was much smoother. Timi saved the second game from a break point, then jumped to a 4:1 lead with two breaks (to 30 and to 40). Then the British player in a huge battle, seized the fifth chance and broke, and immediately the answer came!


Timi led 40-15 as a receiver and then, for the third time after Dart’s advantage, won the game. After that she won her own game to 0.


The next opponent of the Hungarian player’s will be Priscilla Hon in Vancouver.