Winter preparation: after two weeks

Winter preparation: after two weeks

10/12/2016 – Timi has spent the first week in Hungary, now till Christmas she is training in France for the 2017 tasks.


The 23-year old Hungarian player on November 3 in China completed the successful 2016 season, which was full of successes and Career Highs in singles. Timi began to prepare for the next year’s tasks in Budapest at the end of November, and after that, she continued the practice in France.




– What is Your opinion about the work done in Budapest?


– The first week was very successful. I enjoyed, that I could train in Hungary and be at home. As We know, it is rare for Me. In Budapest, We mainly focused on My physical condition. The main task was that We tried to improve My stamina.


– What is the difference between the preparation in France and Hungary?

– Here in Nice, the first 10 day is very difficult. I have 2 gym and 2 tennis is daily exercise. My routine looks like this: in the morning I start with physical work-out, then come the tennis. After lunch, at the afternoon I have the second tennis training. At the end, I have either running, or boxing or CrossFit. After that, I have a meeting with the physio, or ice-bathing. My days are long enough.


– What will be the main tasks in Nice?

– We are continue to strengthen My physical condition. But, We put more and more focus on my tennis as well. We pay attention to my technique, but try to building the tactical elements, and My sense of tactics.

– Last year You had very difficult work-outs of cycling. Will be this year another sport next to the tennis in Your program?

– Now, I have again goals in cycling, and I have boxing and CrossFit, also. I absolutely love boxing, well, the steam may be discharged. 🙂