Towards the 2016 season

Towards the 2016 season

11/12/2015 – The 22-year oldplayer began the preaparation for the new tasks two weeks ago.

On November 22nd Timi won the 125 000 USD WTA Challenger in Chinese Taipei, then two days later she finished the 2015 season in Budapest, at the TennisClassics. After a short break at the end of November she began practicing the new season.


– What was the program of the last two weeks?

– We began in Budapest, where We focused on the physical preparation, and in tennis, we concentrated on the fundamental things. So, in the morning I always run, then came one and a half hour of tennis. And in the afternoon I had work-outs in the gym, then sometimes one or two consultations with my psychologist. The second week has been taking place in Monte Carlo, in a tennis academy. This is perhaps the most difficult part of the winter preparation! I had two fitness and two tennis work-out on daily basis. In the morning I always start with cycling or running, then came the first tennis, with different tasks. In the afternoon We are practicing “live” situations, then I had another work-out in the gym. Thus concludes the day, but of course, I continue to keep in touch with the psychologists. It’s eight to ten hours a day for sure in total.


– Is there an area, which “got” a special attention during the training camp?


– We have set goals for ourselves! There are four main aim: and We wanted to incorporate this things tactically and mentally into my game. This is mainly based on aggression and light, loose game, and combine them. We are working on it, I wanted to improve. This is the tennis part. In the physical part We concentrate on the speedness, on the speed endurance. As We move forward, I have shorter runs, shortes distances. At the beginning I had long runs in the program.


– What is your opinion about the facilities in Monte Carlo?

– Honestly: just because of Monte Carlo, We do not have to throw away our brains. The academy is very nice, it will be, but is not yet ready … there is still a problem that is very cold nights, warm days. So in the morning the track still wet enough. But at least we can play outdoors, which is important. The running and cycling work-outs can also be performed outdoors. That’s better than a tent, obviously. And half are indoor tracks, just a roof and open sides. It is roughly comparable to the outdoor tennis, almost the same. The conditions are not perfect, but obviously I did not want to complain.


– Is there any role in the preparation for the new team of psychologists?

– Yes, a very big role. In the past two weeks, while I was at home, and during the rest time, I have started to prepare with the crew of psychologists. I had one, or sometimes two consultations with them, I get homework also. We must learn and clear a lot of things. Now, in Monte Carlo I also keept the touch with them. I get my tasks online. I can improve continuously! It was my goal to change, because I know, I can be be more effective in this area. I’m very motivated with it!


– What additional sports included in the program of the training camp?


– Maybe, I can say cycling. My coach is a great fan of that sport. Recently, he done the long distance, a long tour between Monaco and Biarritz. Few days ago, I got a very a professional road bicycle. We went, to Italy, We went up the hill quite a lot. It is present twice a week in my training program. I do not say a little nervous to see how it will be. But afterwards I say, I was not that bad. Two and a half hour riding.