Timi’s positive COVID tests

Timi’s positive COVID tests

08/04/2021 – She could not continue the Volvo Car Open in Charleston.

Bad news from the USA: Timi have 2 positive COVID tests, so she could not continue the Volvo Car Open in Charleston.


“I don’t think I can confidently say I’m very lucky in the USA…


Last week I played in Miami, in a bubble (which means I was only in the hotel and on the court with the other athletes, in a mask, etc.) all the way through, where I had 3 negative COVID-19 tests. From there, I flew over to Charleston on Thursday and produced a negative test again. I’ve been in a bubble all the time ever since, I was nowhere to be observed, I followed every precaution. Despite all this, my coronavirus test yesterday became POSITIVE. Since then I have had a 2nd test which also showed this…


I don’t understand how, when and why it happened, but that doesn’t matter anymore.


Importantly,  I have almost no symptoms. My head and throat hurt a little, and I felt the fatigue of my muscles for 1 day, but I found this understandable as I was preparing a lot for my first clay court tournament this year. I also played a singles and a doubles match, I trained next to it, I actually did my job with maximum effort as always.


What to do now?


The situation is not very encouraging yet. I have to be locked up in my hotel room for 10 days where I can’t even open a window. There is no balcony, I don’t have any fitness equipment yet. Luckily, my coach got negative twice so he can go home on Friday. Until then, I asked him and the WTA staff to get me a bike and a couple of fitness equipment. Let’s see how things turn out…


I continue to make it clear that health is first and foremost, and I really hope I don’t have symptoms in the days to come either.


I’ll come with the reports anyway!


Lots of kisses and hugs for everyone! ” Timi wrote.