Timi sticks with Kudermetova till July

Timi sticks with Kudermetova till July

15/04/2021 – The Hungarian player’s father, Csaba told that in a television interview.

Until the middle of July, to the end of the Wimbledon tennis tournament, Veronika Kudermetova will definitely be Timi’s partner, but it is possible that the Hungarian and Russian duo will play together in the long run.


Tímea Babos won the Australian and French Open twice on the side of Kristina Mladenovic of France, but their pair unexpectedly broke up in early February this year. The father of the Hungarian player, Csaba Babos, said on Thursday that the two tennis players did not fight, the relationship between them is still good, and they have been training together ever since. He recalled that before the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, there were already examples of their couple breaking up.


“Mladenovic had a decision that she wanted to focus on the Singles, so she didn’t want to play Doubles in the first half of the season. We took note of this, there was only a problem with the timing, as it happened just before the Australian Open” – he said.


Csaba Babos added, his daughter agreed with Veronika Kudermetova that they would play together until the end of the Grand Slam tournament in Wimbledon, and the rest would be decided by time.


“If their pair works well and is successful, they stay together, but if Mladenovic changes her mind and wants to play a pair in the second half of the year, that could be it” – he explained.


Timea Babos, who is in the United States, announced a week ago that she was infected with the coronavirus. His father put it this way, “it was because of a test that was done in a way I didn’t understand, because to put it mildly, the testing wasn’t done according to health protocol in Charleston either”.


“The person who prepared the test equipment was holding it with his free hand. Timi had to wait a long time, and she was not the only one who became infected, despite the fact that she complied with all the regulations and complied with all the health rules” – said Csaba Babos.


He added that the ten-day quarantine will soon expire and his daughter may return home, and on Monday Béla Merkely, rector of Semmelweis University, will look to find out what condition she is in, the after-effects of the disease and when she can re-enter international tournaments. (Hungarian National News Agency)