Timi is the female tennis player of the year in 2012

Timi is the female tennis player of the year in 2012

13/12/2012 – The Hungarian News Agency’s Sports Editorial Office requested the national associations every year since 1964, to decide: who is the year’s best in their sport.


This year the best tennis players are Attila Balázs (4th time) and Tímea Babos (1st time)!


“I’m glad, I’m very pleased that this year, I got this award! There are many good players in Hungary, Greta Arn, Melinda Czink and of course Ágnes Szávay. I think I had a good year, I won the singles and doubles competition in Monterrey and in Birmingham. I think, that I deserved to be chosen the Player of the Year “– Timi said happily.


The 19-year-old player won this year the singles at the 220 000 USD Monterrey tournament, she was the finalists in Quangzhou (50 000 USD) and semifinalist in Bogota (220 000 USD).  She won the doubles with Hsieh SU-Vej iof Taipei in Birmingham (220 000 USD). She was in the semifinal in Strasbourg (220 000 USD), and also in Fez (with Mandy Minella of Luxembourg) and in Bogota with Valeria Savinykh of Russia).


Timi featured in the London Olympics this summer, in singles she reached the second round, in doubles she lost in the first round with Ágnes Szávay.


We achieved what was planned before the season! The great dream was the London Olympics, it was managed. Timi reached the top 100, it is significant achievement. To keep this result might be even harder, because the opponents have watched Timi many times, now she will not be strange to them. Of course, in the past there was no easy job when we had to “chew” ourselves through the small world of competitions from the 10 000 USD to 25 000 USD tournaments. There were very tough times this season, first the clay court season. There was major loss of confidence after the successes of the spring season. The final stage of the season was not good; she had already run out of power too, but we have achieved what we wanted most of all, it was a learning year”– said Timi’s coach Levente Barátosi.


The best moments of the 2012 season




“I think this tournament is very well established my season. Up to that point in my life this was the most successful tournament, because I did not get to the final of a 50 000 USD + H tournament. In addition I had the chance to play with one of the present greatest tennis players, against the 40 years old Kimiko Date-Krumm. Interestingly, however, that despite the loss I has a good relationship with her. We asked many times each to play doubles together, but we already had a partner for the next tournament. ‘




“I arrived in Monterrey in good shape, because before that tournament I played the semi-final in Bogota. Then come down from the high attitude, and at 800 meters, “playing was almost easy. First match was relatively smooth, then came Cirstea, against whom I won with a very good tactical game. Fortunately in the last 8 Mayr was not a very strong opponent, but in the semis I played one of my biggest matches in my career, I think. Errani was the opponent, and her tennis is not characterized by “two shot tennis”. It was a terribly fun, but stressful match, and nothing shows more it that after the match ball I was crying several minutes! I could not believe that I was able to win that game that I got in a WTA final. The next day in the finals I have not thought that Cadantu may harm me, so a new champion was born in Monterrey, I was the winner 🙂 Anyway Monterrey WTA tournament is one of the friendliest! Not only because I played fantastic, celebrated the tournament victory, but because I met with people, with whom we are still good friends. Anytime I return to Monterrey with pleasure!




“The whole tournament was weird in Birmingham … it was raining all week, and we could never know exactly when will be our next match, when could we train. But even we could not know that they could organize the doubles event. To be honest, at that time I thought, it would be better to call od the tournament, because I got tired of waiting … But afterwards of course it’s good, that they organize it, thanks to the luck and the weather…I won a WTA doubles tournament with Hsieh Su Wei! We beat the world best pair (Huber/Raymond) in the final! At the prize giving ceremony I told, that this is a great honor to win my first WTA doubles title against such a good pair. For this speech the audience and the world’s first duo also awarded me with applause. “




“This was the greatest experience of my exchange year! want mention the Olympics just like this. It was quite difficult to achieve, but the most important is that I was there! Many people say to me: Oh my God, have you seen Federer or Nadal? Because they are the star athletes in other people eyes … Maybe they are, but for me still the Hungarians are the most important! I’m terribly happy that I had conversation with our best athletes, with whom I still keep in touch! Uplifting feeling that I was at the opening ceremony, I had the chance to walk in the Olympic at the village. And of course, last but not least I also won a game! “


Type of the tournament Tournament Titles Matches Won Lost
All 24 1 56 32 24
Grand Slam (Main draw) 3 0 4 1 3
Grand Slam (Qualifying) 1 2 1 1
Olympics 1 0 2 1 1
Premier 5 (Main draw) 2 0 3 1 2
Premier 5 (Qualifying) 4 7 4 3
Premier (Main draw) 2 0 2 0 2
Premier (Qualifying) 1 3 3 0
International (220 000 USD) 8 1 18 11 7
100 000 USD 2 0 3 1 2
50 000 USD 1 0 5 4 1
25 000 USD 1 0 4 3 1
FED Cup 1 3 2 1