Timi is the 3rd most valuable athlete in Hungary

Timi is the 3rd most valuable athlete in Hungary

28/02/2018 – Katinka Hosszú is the first, Norbert Michelisz is the second.


The local edition of the Forbes magazine compiled the list of the most valuable Hungarian athletes, for the fourth time. There is no surprise in the lead, but it has never approached the star of swimming so much.


The 24-year old tennis player has improved 10 positions in one year. Timi was 6th in 2016 and 19th in 2015.
Top10 of the 2018 list:

  1. Katinka Hosszú (swimming) 100 points
  2. Norbert Michelisz (WTC driver) 93 points
  3. Tímea Babos 72 (tennis) points
  4. Márton Fucsovics (tennis) 52 points
  5. Áron Szilágyi (fencing) 49 points
  6. Balázs Baji (athletics) 39 points
  7. László Cseh (swimming) 38 points
  8. Sándor Liu (short track skating) Shaolin 36 points
  9. Shaoang Liu (short track skating) 33 points
  10. László Nagy (handball) 31 points

The list was compiled based on the period between 1 February, 2017 and 1 February, 2018.