Timi skip the US Open

21/08/2021 – She announced it at the Facebook and Instagram.


“I could write so much, but I try to keep it short because it hurts to describe these sentences.
Today I had to do something I have never done in my career!
I skip a Grand Slam tournament, I can’t be there at this year’s US Open … 😥
(since I have been a professional tennis player, I have been there at every GS tournament ever since … that is, always since 2011 …)
You know I fell in Wimbledon and was seriously injured. (That’s why I couldn’t start at the Olympics either.)
Since then, I’ve been doing rehab and all the workouts I can do all the time.
I don’t know how or when this story will end, I’m trying to stay positive and patient!
I believe I will be fine, because I still want to play tennis, compete !!! Very much!
This goal is floating before my eyes and since I am a pretty purposeful person, I know I will succeed!
Thank you for thinking of me for sending good energies, it also helps for sure! 😘”