Timi can’t play at the Tokyo Olympics

Timi can’t play at the Tokyo Olympics

16/07/2021 – She withdrawn due to a hip injury.


It’s official: Timi can’t play at the Tokyo Olympics due to hip problems.


“I have brought you very sad news today, which are also the most difficult, painful decisions of my career.


I have been training and playing tournaments injured for months because I didn’t want to be out of the game to get in the best shape for the Tokyo Olympics. Unfortunately, overloading resulted in a pretty serious injury.


Based on thorough medical examinations (MRI, ultrasound, X-ray), the diagnosis is depressing, so I have to step back from the Olympics on the advice of doctors, in fact, it is still uncertain for how long I will not be able to enter the court.


I know exactly what it means to start at an Olympics, to compete as a member of the Hungarian Team. After London and Rio, I couldn’t wait to pick up the heraldic kit again to represent our country at another Olympics.


This is a very difficult time, both mentally and physically, but I can only do one thing, from now on I will focus on my recovery and support all the members of the Hungarian Team for their successful performance in Tokyo.


Hajrá MagyaRock!❤🤍💚”