Thomas Drouet leaves the Timi Team

Thomas Drouet leaves the Timi Team


“I don’t even know where to begin, as it’s quite hard to summarize 5 years (175 weeks to be exact) in a nutshell…
I would like to thank Thomas for his strength, his work-ethic and mostly, for always believing in me. We have been thru a lot, there was tons of laughter, happiness, triumph and of course sometimes tears and sadness paved our way, but we always stuck together, thru thick and thin, for which I am so incredibly proud of.


We worked day after day (I can’t even count the number of hours we spent on the tennis court or in the gym, or being the first ones at the court to train at the crack of dawn), never ceasing to believe that we CAN and we WILL be better. Whatever Fate had in store for us, we tried to grow up for the challenge and tackle it as a team.


I will never forget that I became a WTA Top 25 player, a WTA Doubles World Nr1, a World Champion and a Grand Slam Champion with Thomas and how could I ever? I am very proud of our work, our results and our honest relationship, however, all good things must come to an end, so I –with pain in my heart- must announce that we mutually decided to part ways as of today.


Change is always hard, but I still have goals and dreams and I believe that I will get better.


I have nothing but gratitude towards Thomas and I am sure that our paths will cross in the future again.


I wish you the best of luck, Mon Ami!


Merci for all, Timea”


“I just wanted to say thank you to Timea for those 175weeks together😊, we worked a lot everyday doing our best as individual but also as a team and i am very proud of the great results we got together. of course we can always it can be better but i prefer to see the positive part.


It s important for me also to mention that 5 years in this world is not something « normal » when you are not part of the same family, and for this I am proud also because we managed many difficult moments together and we never blamed each other we always thought what we could improve and how we could get better.


I would like also to thanks all the familly of Timea they were really big support and they never judged and gave bad opinion even in difficult moments. they helped a lot also to build a strong relation and trust between Timea and I
for now we decided to stop to work together as we feel it s the moment to get new goals, new voices new speech…


We will still remain friends thats for sure.”