The Timi Team

The Timi Team

Timi have a new coach from the new season of 2021.


Csaba Babos: head of the Timi Team

Csaba has been Timi’s first coach, and the two enjoyed quite a remarkable success together. Their highlights include winning the Monterrey WTA event, 3 Junior Grand Slam titles, as well as more than a dozen ITF titles. Although he is not a part of Timi’s everyday coaching team nowadays, Csaba still oversees Timi’s development and organizes her schedule and management.


Most recently, Csaba has worked with top ITF junior Dalma Galfi (2014 Wimbledon junior doubles finalist and 2015 Australian Open junior singles semifinalist), as well as mentoring and coaching several young Hungarian Junior National champions.




Péter Nagy: coach



Susie Babos: communications and media manager.


András Bálint: website editor


Gergely Osztovits: webdesign.