The hip injury is healing difficultly

The hip injury is healing difficultly

14/10/2021 – Timi wants to come back at the end of October.


“The movement is not really going well at the backhand side, because his hip injury is very difficult to heal,” – said Csaba, Timi’s father, the captain of the Hungarian women’s national team. He added that her daughter had just undergone an MRI scan today to see how much her condition had improved recently.


The coach explained that her daughter also needs to relax her physical and mental pains, as after many successful years, her partnership with the French Kristina Mladenovich broke up and although she found a good partner in the person of Veronika Kudermetova, she was called by the Russian tennis association for the Olympics. . He added that Tímea Babos was also worn by the fact that, as a result of her injury, Réka Jani could not participate in the Olympic Games in Tokyo, and for the first time in his ten-year professional career She had to step back from a Grand Slam tournament, the US Open.


Timi fell in singles match at Wimbledon in June, injuring her hip, so she couldn’t compete in the Olympics and the US Open, leaving her only 136th in the singles world rankings and sixth in doubles.


The player put it this way, she has been able to do 80-85 percent intensity work in the last ten days, but the results are not counted in the trainings yet, so she is not playing matches yet.


“I’m past a difficult time, but I really hope this ups and downs are a thing of the past. Now the focus is on physically rebuilding myself, ” – she explained. She added that her injury is also difficult to heal because blood circulation in her hips is very minimal.


Tímea Babos stated that she is not in a hurry to return, which she is currently planning for the end of October, but this may be affected by the results of the MR examination.


According to Csaba Babos, the atmosphere and quality of the joint work is also very good.


“I expect a lot from that, specifically that she will be in the top fifty in the world rankings again in a short time. I hope We can find a reliable partner in doubles and further increase her Grand Slam tournament wins and WTA Finals titles, ” – he said.


Timi betrayed, she recently spoke to Mladenovic again, but she won’t force her to play together, as she has already achieved good results with others, and the most important thing for her is to find a stable, fixed partner. (MTI)