The end of the training camp in France

The end of the training camp in France

23/12/2016 – Timi began the winter preparation in Budapest in late November.


– How did the 3 week winter training camp went in France?


– I think it was very successful! We had difficult weeks behind Us, especially the first two, two and a half week was terribly difficult. I suffered a lot, but I’m sure it was worth it! I must say, I appreciated very high every single rest day.


– What’s Your opinion about the circumstances in France?


– We were lucky regarding the weather, because we have very nice weather, for almost all the time. It rained only for  one or two days, but We can practice on a half-covered court. I also want to thank the Mouratoglou Tennis Academy and personally Patrick Mouratoglou, who assured that We could train in good circumstances. He created a beautiful, great facility! Forty courts, hard courts and clay courts, with a beautiful gym, excellent regeneration departments, ice baths, cryotherapy. Everything is given, which needs a professional athlete. So I can say: We had a very nice three weeks. Otherwise, I rented a good apartment in Antibes, because there was My constant sparring partner Gyuri Balázs and My new physiotherapist Bálint Igaz. So, We needed an apartment. Fortunately, the apartment was very good as well. I am pleased that We could practice in such good conditions!

– You managed to carry out the planned work?

– I really hope! In fact, Thomas is the boss, he would answer for this question. I know that I worked a lot. I spent a lot of time on the tennis court, at the gym and at the athletic track. Surely we spent ten hours a day for the work-outs. We started the morning around seven thirty, when We left our apartment, then We got back at around 6 in the evening. I do not think I’d be in top form. But it was the goal: to be better and better, when the time is coming!


– In which area will help You the supplement sports?


– First, I need a good fun! It is important to enjoy the practice, which would not be very monotonous. Otherwise, I ran a lot this year, I had lot of work-outs on the athletic track. If I can not say that we became friends, but I learning a lot about the 400 and 800 meters 🙂 I had boxing practice at least once in a week. It is very good, I really like it. It gives Me strength and speed endurance. The CrossFit was rarely been in the program, but obviously it is also useful. Overall, the additional sports are also very important.


– What are the objectives set for the 2017 season?

– What was good this year: to always face challenges, do not give up until the last moment and every ball count! It is My goal from My very first tournament, from the first rally. To fight, to try to do My maximum, do everything for the victory! I will lose matches, but after the last rally, I do not want to regret anything. My biggest goal will be: to fight as a tiger, to bite on the court. In addition, of course, We practiced a lot of technical and tactical things. We changed few elements in My tactics, We are building My game, to be more aggressive. My goal is to successfully accomplish our ideas for the upcoming season!