Taipei: confident start in singles

Taipei: confident start in singles

31/01/2018 – The Hungarian player lost a total of five games.

Tímea Babos (4)-Arina Rodionova (Australian) 6:3, 6:2


The match lasted 1 hour and 16 minutes in Taipei.


“It’s really the hardest thing for such a long tour to keep daily routines. Every day I spend an hour in the gym before I catch the tennis racket. I have very similar yoga and stretching exercises, then some abdominal and back-to-back tasks come in, rubber band, bicycle, and footwork. These routines make my job harder, after all this time. After the end of the game today, I took it a little work-out, then lunch. In the afternoon I’m going to the gym. Obviously, I’m not going to do such a serious training as during the preparation period. But I need to do physical training because I need to keep up the good shape and physical condition. Anyway, I’m happy for today’s match, it was not easy. It was difficult to start, My opponent played well, she made a lot of balls. It’s a slow court, it’s lying to Rodionova. But in the middle of the first set I found my rhythm, I started playing well. I’m glad about that” – said Timi.


Timi saved her serve from 15-40 in the third game, then broke Rodionova to 30. Unfortunately, the opponent broke back immediately, and hold her serve for 3:3. It seemed that the end would be close, but fortunately this did not happen.


Timi began the Taiwan Open on Tuesday with a difficult doubles match, then on Wednesday she played in singles, too. The 24-year old Hungarian player was confident, gave no chance for the Russian-Australian opponent.


After 4:3, the Hungarian player began badly the receiver’s game, but after 40-0, Rodionova could not win the game. Timi equeled to 40-40, and then had a total of three break points. She lived with the third chance, then hold her serve to 0. So the opening act ended.


The second game was smooth, with no excitement. Timi pulled out for a 4:0 lead, broke Rodionova to 40 and 15. At 5:1, the Hungarian player had three match points, without success. After 5:2, Timi hold her serve to 30, she got into the second round.


The Hungarian player’s next opponent will be Dalila Jakupović. The Slovenian player (born: 24 March, 1991) is 169th in the world ranking, her career best position was 129th (8 May, 2017). So far, she has won 4 ITF events in singles. In the Taiwan Open, Jakupović was a qualifier, then on the main draw she won 6:0, 6:1 against the also qualifier Lizette Cabrera (Australia) in the opening act.