Sopron: Timi received the Honorary Citizen title

Sopron: Timi received the Honorary Citizen title

08/12/2019 – (Photos: The 26-year-old is not eligible to attend the Loyalty Day celebration due to her preparation in Florida.

Timi had already traveled to Boca Raton to prepare for the 2020 season, so she took the Honorary Citizen title in Sopron a week before the Loyalty Day celebration.


On Saturday, the best Hungarian female tennis player was celebrated at the Sopron City Hall. She  also became an honorary citizen last year in Budapest.


“This title is a big step in my life and my career” – Timi said, adding, “Especially because I’m proud of Sopron and always draws my heart. For me, this city means home in one word. I grew up here, started playing tennis next to the forests of Sopron and started my career here.”


The 26-year-old became the youngest holder of the Honorary Citizen title in her home town.


The award is traditionally celebrated on 14 December in Sopron. But Timi has already traveled to Florida this weekend.


“Special thanks to the city for making an exception and receiving this wonderful award earlier!”


The honorary citizen title was given by dr. Ciprián Farkas, the mayor of Sopron, handed it over to the 3 time world champion tennis player, to whom congratulated Deputy Mayors, dr. István Simon and Szabolcs Csiszár, also. Dr. Ciprián Farkas emphasized: Sopron is very proud of Timea Babos and he is sure that she will continue to improve the reputation of the city with many serious achievements in the future.