Shenzhen: defeat in Rond 2 of the qualies

Shenzhen: defeat in Rond 2 of the qualies

05/01/2020 – One break decided in the third set.

Margarita Gasparyan (Russian, 6)-Tímea Babos (Hungarian, 3) 6:3, 6:7 (3-7), 6:3


The match lasted 2 hour and 14 minutes.


At the beginning of the 42-minute first set, Timi won her opponent’s serve to 30, but then lost four games in a row. Gasparyan broke to 15 then to 30. In game Six, Timi saved three breakballs and led 40-15 as a receiver. However, the Russian player defended her serve and a few minutes later, after 5:3, brought her serve to 0.


In the 57-minute second set, Timi won the serve of Gasparjan after 2:1 to 30, then led to 4:1. Then, in the seventh game, the Hungarian player won only two rallies behind her serve, and then her opponent equalized to 4:4, saving a break point.


The fate of the set was decided by the tie-break. Timi led 6-2, eventually finishing the second act as a receiver.


Unfortunately, the third set was quickly decided. After 2:1, Gasparyan broke her opponent from 40-30, and then won her service games with confidence. After 5:3, the Russian player lost only one rally and reached the main draw.