San José: defeat in three sets

San José: defeat in three sets

29/07/2019 – Timi came back from 2:5 in the final set, but Hibi played better in the decisive tie-break.

Hibi Mayo (Japanese)-Tímea Babos (Hungarian) 6:2, 3:6, 7:6 (7-3)


The match lasted 2 hour and 50 minutes.


At the start of the 40-minute first set, after 1:0, Timi had two breakballs, but the Japanese player saved her serve. The steady-playing Hibi in the fourth game broke her opponent after four game points after that did not give her opponent a chance to comeback.


The Japanese player brought her next two serves to 0 while breaking to 15 after 4:2.



At the start of the 51-minute second act, Hibi won her opponent’s serve 30, then Timi broke back after a big battle. Next, the Japanese player could not take advantage of three break points, then had another chance after 2:2.


In the sixth game, Timi took Hibi’s serve to 30 and then saved her own game from 30-40. Then after 5:3, she won her game to 15.


In the first part of the final set the Hungarian player served very badly … In the second game she lost her serve from 40-0 and then the opponent broke two more times to 2:5. True, Hibi did not excel in her own games, losing them twice.


Then, after 2:5, Timi played better, won her serve to 15, and broke to 30. The equalization also came after 4:5 and then at 5:6.


Unfortunately, the tie-break belongs to Hibi. Timi lost her serve at 1-1, but she immediately leveled. The Japanese player then won four rallies in a row and finished the match as a receiver after 6-3.