Rio 2016: Timi will play in doubles, too

Rio 2016: Timi will play in doubles, too

30/06/2016 – The 23-year old player’s partner will be Réka-Luca Jani in Brazil.


The Rio Olympic’s entry list in tennis was decided by the World Rankings from 6 June.


Then, Timi was sure about the singles participation, because she was ranked 45th. The best 56 player reached the entry list of Rio, but only the four best from each country. And the Fed Cup participation was also a deciding factor.


After the Roland Garros, Timi was ranked 13th in doubles, and this position was uncertain for the entry. But the International Tennis Federation given a wild-card for Timi és Réka-Luca Jani, after the common petition of the Hungarian Olympic Commitee and the Hungarian Tennis Federation.


The two player enjoys a childhood friendship. They played together a lot of times.


Timi celebrated her first international success in juniors in 2006 in Budapest, with Réka-Luca Jani. Later, they also triumphed many times in juniors and in the adults. They are the best pair of the Hungarian Fed Cup Team in recent years.