Words from Timi & Csaba.

I was born on 10 May, 1993 in Sopron, Hungary. The photo above is probably my very first one; I guess we could call it a family tradition, as my older sister was placed on a tennis racket right after coming home from the hospital as well. Since my parents were renting a sports facility in Sopron in the 80s and early 90s, and our Dad coached tennis for several decades, it’s not a surprise that we both started at a pretty early age. Actually, by the time I started, my sister has won several Hungarian National titles.


Truth be told, I never really planned on playing tennis and neither did my family. My parents thought it would be best if I swam, so I did. Given that I am very competitive, I started going to junior swim meets but soon after, I realized that it wasn’t really for me, so I practically begged my parents to let me play tennis.


I loved watching my sister’s work-outs with my Dad (she was 16, me 8 at the time), so my parents signed me up for a class at a local club and after a few months, I was accepted into local events. My „break-through” came at the age of 9, where after leading the u12 club team to four qualification round victories, we qualified for the u12 National Championships. A few weeks later, I won my 1st Hungarian National Championship title, and the rest is history…


Csaba on Timi:


Our hope is, that through this website,tennis fans from all around the world will meet and get to know an exceptionally talented and devoted young player. She has been among the top juniors in all each groups in the past years and we are confident, that with her work-ethic and determinaton, she will rise to the top of the WTA Rankings as well. But no matter what happens, she already is the best in the world for me; my daughter is THE tennis player I admire.