Press conference at the start of the winter preparations

Press conference at the start of the winter preparations

28/11/2016 – Timi began the work in Budapest, and then next week will continue in France till Christmas.


Timi finished her career-best season ever in early November, she improved her Career High position six times. At the beginning of the year she was 70th, and after the US Open she was 25th. Currently she is ranked 28th, has such a good chance to be seeded in January’s Australian Open in Melbourne.


On Monday, the current best Hungarian player evaluated the 2016 season at a Press Conference, and talked about the 2017 tasks. At the beginning of the event on behalf of Timi’s key sponsor, Domokos Szollár, Communication Director of the MOL Group, is appreciated the past, the decade of joint work.


“Supporting Sport is one of the goals of MOL, We supporting an athlete’s career from the beginning to all the way to the top, and Timi perfectly symbolizes this. 10 years ago We launched the New Europe Foundation Talent Support Programme. During this time We spent nearly 350 million HUF under this program for gifted child athletes and Tímea Babos is one of the most successful grantees. Today it is clear that what the MOL began ten years ago, it makes sense, since the success of thousands of young people have contributed to this. A world class player grew up under the framework of this program, or as the Olympic champion Áron Szilágyi. MOL stood behind both of them.”


“Honestly confessing, I did not expect to be so successful this year! I set my goal to reach the Top40. The fact that I will be at the Top30 and had a Career Best Position six times is a fantastic feeling! Obviously this is extremely motivating for the next season. Of course I am very happy and satisfied! I still hope that this is just the beginning of the road!” concluded Timi.


– What is the reason of this progress?


– I could say, that this is the result of structured work. Ever since two and a half years ago I started working with my trainer, Thomas Drouet, I progress at the WTA Rankings, I play better and better! No coincidence that this year was so successful! It did not result in a couple of months of serious work, but also a continuous effort. Whatever happened, good or bad, we have always worked seriously. Two and a half years ago I have began a successful road, with some stumbling, but I am moving forward. I must have a goal to not go down from this road!


– You have recently said, that You could learn a lot from this season. What were the most important lessons?


– It was very interesting season! I played a lot of big matches, I fought against some Top20 stars. These can be good lessons, which show that there are still deficiencies in the areas. And how things can be good even against the best players. We can use important things from all matches.


– What things changed the most compared to the 2015 season?


– I has always been characterized, mainly as junior, that I’m really, really had a will of fighting. I went to the last moment for the balls! When some years ago My game has gone worse, I lost a bit of it. Thanks to Thomas, I learned to fight back and thus won a lot of matches when I did not play well. At the end of last year I started working again with a sports psychologist, so I stepped forward not only technically and tactically, but also mentally I was able to develop a lot.


– You mentioned the big matches, which were brought an emotional turning point. These, are the major events that gaves You much in every aspects?


– I had four or five very memorable match this season. The first, against Karolina Pliskova in Miami. Until that, I feared of the tie-break at the end of the third set. But then, I won it against a very good player, who later the season reached the final at the US Open. Then came the success against Venus Williams, but I also could mention the matches, which I could not won. The match against Simona Halep at the US Open, or even against Petra Kvitova in Eastbourne, on grass.


– What was the surface, which this year You enjoyed the most?


– Now, all surface is close to me! But I feel Myself most comfortable on hard court.


– The Australian Open is the next big task. Can You get used to that fact, that You can be seeded in singles at a Grand Slam event?


– This is a good question. Today I started officially the winter preparation, and We will discuss the goals of the 2017 season with My team. I stand at the new position, which is a positive challenge. I am sure that the staff, the people close to Me will help Me a lot! Obviously there are goals, but I must think about possible and realistic things. I have a good team, I will train with My coach, psychologist, physiotherapist, sparring partner, and I do not want top forget My Press Officer. I’m sure, that without them I would not be here!


– What goals You gave in doubles for the 2017 season?


– Recently I played less in this genre. It is no coincidence that the majority of the stars did not play in doubles. It was also very stressful for Me to play against the bests. This year was very difficult, at the end of the year I was thoroughly tired. For Me it is rare, but the recent break, I did not want to play tennis. Next year I will have even fewer doubles events, the main goal is the singles. Maybe, I will play 10-12 tournaments in doubles, My partner will be Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova.


Timi will began the 2017 season in Shenzhen in China, where she reached the semifinal this year. Then, came the Apia International in Sydney, and the biggest event of January, the Australian Open in Melbourne.