Michael Joyce remains in the Timi Team

Michael Joyce remains in the Timi Team

2019-11-27 – Kristina Mladenovic will be the doubles partner in the new season.


On Wednesday, Timi announced at a press conference in Budapest Tenisz Centrum that she will continue with coach Michael Joyce next season, while Kristina Mladenovic will continue to be her partner in doubles.


The American coach joined the team of the best Hungarian female player at the beginning of the summer. Since then, Timi has returned to the top 100 in singles and won the season-ending WTA Finals for the third time.


The Hungarian player will be playing with Kiki Mladenovic in main events in 2020. This time, it was not a case that the French player will compete with a home partner for the Olympics. Before Rio, Mladenovic’s partner was Caroline Garcia.


Timi spoke at the beginning of the podium talk about the WTA Finals.


“Now I can finally be home for a few days: the WTA Finals trophies handed over during the winter cleaning. That’s when I realized what these results meant. These are successes I never dreamed of. It is amazing to this day that I have come here, I have achieved such results from Sopron, as a Hungarian with th ebig help of my family and my supporters. It is probably really “arrive” to me when I finish my career” – said the best Hungarian female player.


Following the great success at the end of the year, Timi also commented on the first, more difficult phase of the season. At that time she played for a long time without a permanent coach, with the help of her father Csaba.


“I did not live that time well… It was very difficult that from February to Roland Garros I didn’t have a permanent coach. My dad helped me a bit, but I traveled a lot alone, with only my physio Maciej Ryszczuk. I am very grateful to him that have followed and helped me throughout the year!” the 26-year-old player recalled, then said, “Roland Garros has been a turning point in many ways. I started to play better tennis more and more. One day after winning the Roland Garros doubles, I was already playing on the grass and my new coach arrived. Michael Joyce, who I’ve been working with ever since. We found each other very well, and working together is great. I think he helped me a lot. Indeed, Roland Garros was a turning point: I could split my season into two parts. The first half was a bit unsuccessful, though the Australian Open final in doubles. Roland Garros and beyond were much more successful. I set off on a better road, I hope we will keep up the momentum! ”


Timi has revealed that she has long known her current coach through his former player. At first, they only agreed on a few weeks of cooperation.


“We had a good few weeks and obviously we also had some joint training sessions. I really liked the job, Michael got to know me better. It was a very positive period! I’ve achieved good results and it’s important that Michael gets along well with my physio. I didn’t have a question that I would like to continue working together next season, but after the WTA Finals we sat down and talked about it. Fortunately, he didn’t really have a question either. On Monday, I start my preparation by having a team that helps me a lot. It’s very positive, I’m looking forward to the period ahead”– Timi said.


The Hungarian player then went on to evaluate the doubles season. Timi and Kristina Mladenovic were finalists this year at the Australian Open, then winning Roland Garros and at the end of the year the WTA Finals.


“Of course, we always want to get better and better, but somehow we can have a positive view of the last few months. We won again a Grand Slam, we were finalists, we had a semifinal and a quarterfinal. And, for the third time, I became world champion. I mentioned earlier that I couldn’t dream of such successes. But I feel like we still have plenty on our sleeve, because unfortunately this year we could play less together. Sometimes Kristina’s rank then mine stumbled. Outside of Grand Slam, we couldn’t always play in the biggest tournaments. That could help our game together, because apart from the WTA Finals, we are never ready prepare for doubles. Unlike the specialists. Next year we want to play in several tournaments, because there is no question that we will continue together.”


After the winter preparations, Timi is set to begin the 2020 season in Shenzhen, China, and then head to Adelaide/Australia before the Australian Open.