Miami: defeat in singles

Miami: defeat in singles

24/03/2017 – After the first set, the Hungarian player has won just two game.


Pauline Parmentier (French)-Tímea Babos (Hungarian, 24) 6:7 (1-7), 6:2, 6:0


The match lasted 2 hours and 7 minutes.


“Unfortunately, I played too short, my opponent was able to attack and accelerated. In addition, the strong wind affected the match. In the big wind, the more aggressive and precise player is the better, coming out successfully from the rallies. Today, it was not Me” – Timi said.


Timi started well in the first 62-minute set. After a great battle, she broke Parmentier to 40, then won her own service game to 0, twice. Unfortunately, after 4: 1 the French player was much more precise, and confidently equalized (4: 4).


At the final period of the opening act, both player hold her serve smoothly. So came the tie-break. Timi focused much better, she led 4-0, then lost her serve. But after that, she played again better and easily won the tie-break.


The sequel, unfortunately, has a huge and decisive turn. Parmentier much better adapted to the windy weather, she surpassed her opponent behind the serves and as a reciever. Timi could not find her style, she played shortly, gives big chances for ther opponent. After Parmentier’s break, at 4:1, came the rain break. But it did not affact the match…The French player easily won the last two games, after 4:2, she lost only one rally.


The third set was one-sided. Parmentier played confidently and regularly took advantage of the chances. Unfortunately, Timi had no break point, and she lost her serve three times. Parmentier deservly reached the third round of the Miami Open.