Closing to return

Closing to return

11/10/2021 – Interview by the


“In a competitive situation, maybe in late October, early November” – Timi said with a smile as the impatient author of the MOL Team began the conversation with the question of when we will see the four-time Grand Slam winner, three-time world champion on the court again. She was injured in Wimbledon, but went on, but not long after another injury stood in her way, and the waist and Achilles ailments together were already exiled off the Tour.


“What can improve has thankfully improved” said the player. – “Unfortunately, as expected, my hips don’t heal at the rate I secretly hoped, but the doctors warned me that.

“Physical therapy takes several hours a day and I’ve tried what I can. Besides all this, of course I’m already playing tennis, running, exercising, so my life is slowly returning to my normal waistline, in which I got help from my gym coach, my partner, physiotherapists (one is also my partner) and of course my father, who took control of my training again” – Timi initiated into the changes in her staff.


It is absolutely unusual for a 29-year-old to not see her on the court for such a long time. Timi lives absolutely consciously, although injuries have occurred, but during her very long career she has not missed such a long time. We asked if there was a good side to having some time for herself after a decade in the squirrel wheel.


“I didn’t get out of the squirrel wheel for a moment, as an injury doesn’t have to be imagined as I now sit at home with my legs folded up and put better-than-good bites on a tray in front of me and relax and unwind all day. No, no, that’s not the case” – Timi said.


“When I couldn’t train, I ran from doctor to doctor instead of work-outs, then I went to a physiotherapist, physiotherapy and did exercises that didn’t cause much pain. My whole day was filled with the thought of how I could get well and what I hadn’t done yet for recovery. Honestly, this period was more devastating than relaxing, because for an athlete has nothing worse than not being able to train, compete, and is completely insecure about her future. Sure, I went for a few days to rest, relax, but it didn’t stay there either, the mandatory set of tasks and the training dose prescribed for that day.”

The player could not retain her place in the World Rankings and not only slipped out of the top 100, but since its injury, three Hungarian players have also overtaken her in the rankings. However, the results of Dalma Gálfi, Anna Bondár and Panna Udvardy not only do not bother Timi, but also make her happy.


“I am happy with the girls’ successes, as it also promotes Hungarian tennis and I can only wish them such successes or even brighter successes than I have achieved in recent years, as this is in the interest of all of us. Most of the way. but I’m not even close to the end. I still have a chance for good result “ – said Timi.