Kisalföld: awards ceremony for the best athletes in the county

Kisalföld: awards ceremony for the best athletes in the county

05/02/2018 – Timi won for the fourth time among the Women’s.


The Kisalföld regional daily newspaper awarded for the 38 time to the best athletes in the county. The winners were no longer a secret, but the athletes and their representatives were able to pick the prizes last weekend. Many people could not attend the event because they had tournaments or matches, while in the adult male category this time the newspaper did not share the prize.

In Adult Women’s, Tímea Babos from Sopron won the category, after winning the WTA Finals in doubles at Singapore.


The athlete – who has already won the Australian Open, the first Grand Slam tournament of the year – took part in the Taiwan Open last weekend, which she won in singles. In her absence, father Csaba Babos received the prize.

“We are fully satisfied with Timi’s performance, the World Finals title is a great success, just like the recent Grand Slam title. The answer is difficult, which is more valuable. One thing, that the WTA Finals is for the best eight pairs of the season, however, there are four Grand Slams in a year. But at the Grand Slams, the field is much more extensive, and there are many tennis players who prefer singles, but also good in doubles. So it’s a tough question, that’s what Tim would have to answer. As coach and parent I say, the most important that now she has both titles. And for Me all are just as valuable. I trust that she will win more Grand Slams, maybe she will increase this number this year” – said Csaba Babos.