“I had successful weeks!”

“I had successful weeks!”

15/08/2013 – After a short break following the tournament in Budapest Timi had hard workouts before the final part of the season.

The 20-year-old Hungarian player during the preparation was a finalist in the 75 000 USD tournament Donetsk, then reached the last four in  singles and won in doubles at WTA tournament in Suzhou.


“I had successful weeks, for sure! Since the rest I had fantastic work-outs. I needed a small break, but since then everything is going better. The Donetsk week’s work-outs were very good before and after the matches, I improved my performance day by day. The Chinese games were also good in the extreme heat and humidity”– Timi said.


Due to the results in the past two weeks Hungarian player moved in singles to the 90th position and in doubles to the 58th. In the following days Timi will prepare in the court of the MK Tennis Centre, and will be traveling to New York next Wednesday.


“I feel like I stepped forward recently. After the break we trained 6-7 hours a day, like a mini foundation work has been done. It was a good feeling to training in domestic circumstances, as well as spend a lot of time with my family and my friends. It was a bad feeling to travel then to Ukraine, but the good results built my mood! “




“It is much more stable and better! Fortunately I constantly feel the improvement “




“It is always belonged to my strengths. Always stable, more tenable before the forehand.”




“Recently, I started to hit more variaions. Begins to improve, now I use a variety of versions then before.”




“This is the biggest improvement. Previously, I scored a few points after he opponent’s second serves, but now I won a very good percentage of them.”




“Everything went well. Recently, I go up to the net more and more also in singles.”




Continuously improving, we working hard for progress.”