“I achieved my goal!”

“I achieved my goal!”

15/05/2013 – Timi played last week in Johannesburg, she won the Soweto Open, so she reached her goals.

The 20-year old Hungarian player (she celebrated her birthday at 10th of May) advanced back to the top100 in singles, in addition she secured her place in the main draw at Wimbledon as well.


“There were good moments and worse … I feel I played far from my best…But I can tell you, for example, I played very well in the quarter-final after 5:7”– Timi said.


The first seed Hungarian player won against the Israeli Keren Shlomo (6:1, 6:2), the Turkish Pemra Ozgen (6:2, 4:6, 6:1), the British Samantha Murray (5: 7, 6:3, 6:0), the Serbian Teodora Mircic, and in the final against the South African Chanel Simmonds (6:7, 6:4, 6:1).


“Fine, I won the tournament! I achieved my goal! “


Timi began the Soweto Open as a 111st ranked player, and she finished as a 99th player of the WTA ranking. With this she assured her place at the main draw of Wimbledon.


“It was a good idea that I didn’t played doubles. I was not sure, that we find a good doubles player, so I may lost too much energy…Anyway, I could not have a chance to get much ranking points “– Timi added.


The young player had a lot of extra work in South Africa with her coach, Nikola Andjelic.


“After the matches I had at least one and a half hours to deal with myself, we done hard fitness work-outs. It was a good preparation, that I played on altitude.”


Timi now preparing for the next Grand Slam tournament at Roland Garros after winning Soweto Open. After a few days’ stay in Sopron she continuing the work-outs again in Budapest, on Thursday she will taking part in a special test at the Sports Hospital. She will fly to Paris on Sunday.


“A change again, after the hard court I will play on clay. Of course, I must play more patiently, but I feel there are only slight room for improvement in my game”– Timi said at last.

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