Hungarian GP: good start in Doubles

Hungarian GP: good start in Doubles

12/07/2021 – (Photo: FACEBOOK/HUNGARIAN GP) Timi and Réka Jani lost a total of 3 games.


Tímea Babos, Réka Jani (Hungarian, 2) – Dorka Drahota-Szabó, Luca Udvardy (Hungarian) 6:1, 6:2

The match lasted 54 minutes.


“I admit that I was very excited, but the home environment always gives me a lot of strength” – Timi said on the court. “I’ve been a little mentally caught up in recent months, but now it’s wonderful to sleep in my own bed instead of a bubble. The Wimbledon center field can’t give you as much energy as this court either, and I never thought I would have had so much success when I first played here in 2010 ” – she added, struggling with tears.


In the second boom of the 23-minute opening set, Timi won her serve from 30-40, and after 1:1, the 2nd seeded pair was much more accurate and patient. The Sopron-born players broke to 40, 15 and then 0.


In the second act, Timi and Réka pulled to 3:0 by taking their opponent’s serve to 15 again after 1:0. The teens then came up 3:2 (broke to 0) and then the 2nd seeds took back control once and for all. Timi and Réka Jani won the next three games to 15 (as a receiver), 0 and 40 (as a receiver).