Hard work-outs at the beginning of the week

Hard work-outs at the beginning of the week

22/07/2013 – Timi on Monday began a direct preparation for the tasks ahead, which will stand out of the US Open starting on August 26.

Last week the 20-year-old player ride on the bike and ran a lot, now she began the special tennis work-out.


Timi started on Monday morning with the gym training, before that she was at the embassy of China to sort out the necessary paper work for the Asian country’s WTA tournament.


“It was a very hard day in the morning  I run approx. 3500 meters. Then we made footwork excercises for seventy minutes. We’ve done also sprint exercises, but I had time for accelerating and we’ve improving my technique”– Timi said.


Before the holiday the world No 106 player featured in Budapest at the Hungarian Grand Prix. In doubles she lost int he first match with Polish Alicja Rosolska, buti n singles Timi played memorable battles. She beat Alexandra Krunic in three sets, then won a huge fight against the favourite Maria Teresa Torró-Flor. Finally, the young Hungarian lost int he quarterfinal against the tournament winner Simona Halep.


Now the clay is “forgotten”, it’s time for the hard court season.


“It’s more difficult to change from clay to hard court, than inversely. The track is faster, tha ball is faster, I must change my style. Today at the afternoon session I played tennis for almost two hours, then I practice my service for 30 minutes. Then I had an additional one and a half hours fitness work-out, with weight training, back and abdominal muscle strengthening tasks. Then came the reconciliation “– Timi added.


According to plans Timi will play late July at the 75 000 USD Viccourt Cuo in Donetsk. After the Ukrainian challenge she will travel to to China for the CAOXIJIU Suzhou Ladies Open. This is the next tournament of the WTA’s 125 000 USD series, for the first time in the calendar. Finally, the Hungarian player will play in in Russia, the Kazan Summer Cup is the last event for her prior to the US Open.