Close to the end of the winter preparation

Close to the end of the winter preparation

21/12/2015 – Timi trained for three weeks in Budapest and Monte-Carlo.

“Everyone blessed, I wish you a peaceful Christmas Holidays! Thank you very much for your help throughout this season, who support Me, who jittered for months, who woke up early to see my matches. Thank you very much for your help! Without You, it would be much, much harder to do. Thank you all for the motivation! I hope that next year I get a comparable or even better results!”


– How do you rate the past few weeks, have you finished all the planned tasks?


– There are tiring and hard weeks behind Me. Especially, because my season finished very late, so I was able to rest less than previously foreseen. Obviously, I’m glad with it, because it meant, that I played very well at my last tournament, I triumphed in Taipei. However, we believe that we managed to perform the intended job, I worked a lot. Earlier I reported how built up one day for Me. It is not changed recently. Now I had a daily program of fitness plus tennis, tennis plus fitness, with a web-meeting with the psychologist. From December 20 We started to take back a little from the tempo. Of course, this does not mean that I stopped training. But We left from the program the long-distance running, and the tiring game with the balls from the basket. Instead, I had a short-term speed running and as well several point games. I think I had a good preparation. We trained at home and in Monte Carlo, so it was not boring. Perhaps it could well come a week plus, but it’s just such a year. Overall, I am satisfied and my coaches also.

– Which areas could be improved, what remains to be improved until the beginning of the season?

– We paid great attention to aggression, to keep the ball better from the baseline, to go to the net more, to play more bravely. This is what has improved. But the same is that I think still can be improved to be more secure. Obviously, this is a longer process to succeed. But We are focusing on it day by day, to do this confidently. In addition, we tried to give greater emphasis to the shots, that I must hit more balls down the line. Everything We did had the goal, to do these things more bravely and calmly. I must play the longer rallies with less stress.


– What is the preparation schedule before the first tournament of the 2016 season?

On December 23, 24 and 25 I will be in Hungary, with my family! At home, there will be no tennis, but obviously I will continue my fitness preparation. On December 26th I’ll fly back to Monte Carlo, where I train a few more days before the first tour. I will travel to China on December 30th. Obviously, it will be no rest at home, I will not pass a day without training. It would be nice to eat Mom’s cooking, but I don’t want to gain back that weight, which I lost in the past months. I take care of my physique, I has managed to build over a long period of time. I’m in good shape, I do not want a three-day home rest! Nevertheless, I think it’s bring good for Me the home atmosphere after such a hard and unload preparation. It is three days, which will be without tennis, the more will throw my form and my game rather than hinder.



What was the most special, sport and non-sport related buzz during the preparation?

– It’s funny; but outside the sport experience: I have eat my very best pasta in Italy! That’s really sticks with me: the pasta was as it should be. Of course, it happened Sunday, when you can deal with a little more loosely meal. The sport-related highlight was clearly riding a bicycle. My coach is a huge fan of cycling! He recentlydone a Monaco-Biarritz distance, I went with him twice a week for a long cycling journey. I borrowed a very serious, professional road “machine”. It was also interesting to take off, the positions are very different, very different for each one of these bikes. To do this I had to get used to. Before the first experience I was nervous, it was very difficult. Then, We went back to the same scope. I was better with twenty-five minutes! Okay, it was a Monday and I was fresher. But it is incredible how much was the difference and what can be achieved with practice. Otherwise, We go to a three-hour tour on the day of my journey home as well. I’m glad that I managed to live this with Thomas. I think it was super!!!






– In recent years, you played for the Hungarian national team in the Fed Cup. What is your plan for the 2016 season?

– I always thought, that it’s a great honour to play for my country. I also want to play in the next season, but I had a very busy schedule in the first three months. So I do not know how to get place for the Fed Cup. I stress: I really want to play, but it’s not just up to me.