Big plans for 2022

Big plans for 2022

11-01-2022 – Timi spoke about it at a press meeting.




Tímea Babos have big plans for the Doubles and wants to get back to the top 100 in the Singles World Rankings.


In a press conference on Tuesday, the Doubles four-time Grand Slam winner and three-time WTA World Champion said they will play her first tournqment of the year in Spain this weekend.


“For now, I’m going to take smaller tournaments to see the results of the preparations of the last few months, after 25,000 USD came some 60,000 USD event, and then more serious tournaments will follow in February,” – said the 28-year-old player. “I want to be in Dubai, Doha, Indian Wells and Miami already with my new Doubles partner, who I’m just telling right now that she’s in the top 20.”


Tímea Babos recounted the worst season of the past year as her partner Kristina Mladenovic resigned from Australian Open and then broke up with her coach, who was described as a “psychopath” (Thomas Drouet), then got sick of COVID in Charleston. as a result, she also had to miss the Tokyo Olympics and the US Open.


“On the plus side, I had time for a lot of things I didn’t do before, I was able to re-learn tennis, I’m getting ready with a new fitness coach, who is also my partner, I lost seven pounds, which made me faster on the court, and after nine years my dad controls my work-outs again.” – she sorted. “He’s spending 10-12 weeks with me this year, so I’m looking for a travelling coach who is expected to be a good friend of mine. That’s better this family business, and my sister works as my manager.”


As for the Australian Open starting next week – which she won in 2018 and 2020 with Mladenovic – due to strict quarantine rules, she did not want to take the tour to Melbourne this time after a six-month miss. Since she has set big goals for herself in Soubles, she says she will “sacrifices” her individual performance this year in some of the tournaments.


“We settled the relationship with Kristina as a private person after some smile breaks, I consulted with her in November about a possible continuation of the Doubles, but she gave unsure answers and emphasized the importance of individual performance for her. I couldn’t explain that,”–  she explained.


About her physical condition, Tímea Babos said that she had cured her stubborn hip injury with a special job, which advice by some doctors to have several surgeries, and to fix her Achilles pain, which had been painful for three years.

“I couldn’t run at all for a long time, because it was constantly swollen, but now I have four conditional work-outs and three runs a week in my program. in addition, I go to a psychologist regularly, ” – she declared.


As a fresh experience, she recounted seeing the movie King Richard about the Williams family, from which she learned a lot about the initial difficulties of a successful sisters.


“I consider Serena to be the best player of all time anyway,” he added.