Before the new season

Before the new season

29/12/2017 – Timi’s competition program begins again in China.


Only few hours and the main draw will make in Shenzhen, which also affects the current best Hungarian female tennis player. Timi is about to start the new season in China, and she prepared for the 2018 season in three locations before Christmas.


– How did the work-out went in the past four weeks?


  • Christmas is over, so I travelled for the first event of the next season again. I already arrived in China, Shenzhen. I think I had a pretty good preparation. I’ve been in many places this year. I trained for ten days in Budapest. then came one week in Monaco, then two weeks in Dubai. In recent years, Monaco was the main venue, and I wanted to change this year, and to train in warmer places. I was playing tennis for 3-4 hours a day, and I spent 2-3 hours in the gym, when exactly what was in the plan. We’ve done all the work 100%, I’m optimistic for the new year.


– Was there any change compared to the work of previous years (longer training sessions, etc.)? If so, what was the reason for this?


  • We always modify a little and of course We are trying to improve. I had a very serious physical survey before the preparation to see exactly where I could improve. So on the basis of the results We have compiled my plan. We found results in the past weeks, but this can be felt in the longer term. We also try to keep pace in tennis, to improve in every area. Once a training session is less than twice as much, since I must paying attention on these days. I’m always trying to improve, but the main point is always one: a lot of work that will bring its fruit!


– What is your favorite memory from the winter preparation?


  • I would not point out a moment but the last week of the camp 🙂 I felt that I was getting better in everything and, most importantly, I enjoyed the game and the training sessions. This was one of my main goals and this will remain one of my biggest goals for 2018.


– How did your program evolved after Christmas?

– There were work-outs during the holidays. I played tennis and I trained in the gym also. I had two rest days, 24th and 25th of December. It was very good to be at home, this is the few days before the first long tour of the new season. As I have said many times, I am very family-oriented, I love my family and the days spent with them are important to Me.


– What goals did you set for the 2018 season?


– Enjoy tennis and fight it all the time!