Athlete of the year 2019: Timi & Kiki in the Top3

Athlete of the year 2019: Timi & Kiki in the Top3

06/01/2020 – The 26-year-old Hungarian player was ranked 2nd in the 2017 individual race and 3rd in the women’s individual event after the 2018 season.

The list of the top 3 nominees for the Hungarian Athlete of the Year 2019 was announced on Monday.


For the first time ever, Timi has been involved in the individual sports team competition with Kristina Mladenovic. They reached the Top3, with the Men’s Short Track Speed Skating Team (Csaba Burján, Krueger Cole, Sándor Liu Shaolin, Liu Shaoang, Alex Varnyú Alex) and the the Women’s Kayak 4 (Dóra Bodonyi, Erika Medveczky, Tamara Csipes, Dóra Alida Gazsó).


The Hungarian-French pair was a finalist at the Australian Open in January, and remained undefeated at Roland Garros at the beginning of the summer. Meanwhile, the Hungarian-French double defended their title at the WTA Tour event at Istanbul.


Timi and Kiki triumphed at the WTA Finals in Shenzhen at the end of the 2019 season, repeating the success from 2018. The Hungarian player won the title for the third time in a row. Timi and Kristina Mladenovic were semifinalists at Wimbledon, and reach the last eight at the US Open.


The Hungarian player was No1 in doubles in 2018, and in 2019 Mladenovic was the leader.


Timi was ranked second after the 2017 season, and ranked third in the 2018 Athlete of the Year.


The Winners will be anounced on 16 January.