Approaching the Donetsk tournament

Approaching the Donetsk tournament

26/07/2013 – With the Friday’s work-out the longest domestic period of the hard court preparation is finished.

The 106th ranked player will go from Ukraine to China (Suzhou – 125 000 USD, WTA-event) and will finish in Russia (Kazan – 50 000 USD, ITF-event) before the US Open, which starts at August 26.


“It was a very difficult week, I played a lot of tennis and we had lot of fitness work-outs. But I feel it was a positive week. In the tournament in Budapest sometimes, some places I have played well, it must be built upon. Now comes the hard court period, I prefer this. I feel that I done good job, so I can be confident. I enjoyed the work-outs, it’s also a good sign. Next week will be probably tougher because we will treat the Donetsk event as the part of preparation for the US Open. China will be the most important int the next three weeks, but it is likely that in Kazan I will not have hard fitness trainings “– said the 20-year old player.


In the next three weeks Timi will always play singles, however she will enter the doubles tournament in Suzhou. Her partner will be Michaella Krajicek. The 24-year-old Dutch struggled with heart problems for a long time, in Asia she will start with protected ranking. Now she is only 650th in doubles, but she was 34th back in 25.09.2006. She was a finalist in doubles 13 times on the WTA Tour, she triumphed 2006 and Palermo in Budapest with Slovak Janette Husarová, in 2008 in s’Hertogenbosch with Marian Erakovic from New Zealand, while in 2010 she won in Memphis with the local player, Vania King.
After the Hungarian Grand Prix in Budapest Timi rested a few days and began the direct preparation on Monday. She worked hard every day and hope that the result of the hard work done will come in the period ahead.


“I cannot say that I am happy with Timi’s current fitness level, but I do see bright future. When we started to work there were some things about Timi’s physical preparation that we had to take care of. Since it was in the middle of the season and just before Roland Garros and Wimbledon we couldn’t make any radical changes. We used that period for Timi to build the base that we can use now when we have time off to do serious work and take fitness on another level”- began Nikola Andjelic, who joins the coaching staff before the Marrakech tournament back in the spring.


The 28-year-old Serbian coach thinks, that the main thing was to create routines and get some rhythm of the practice that suites her game and mindset.


We ran more and now I feel that we can use that to do much more intense work-outs. The goal is to have quick recovery both after each point and after each match. Because those are different types of recoveries they require different type of workouts which makes tennis one of the most difficult sports to prepare for. A big part of the recovery is nutrition and Timi has been paying attention on it more closely recently and I am sure it will pay off.”


Nikola Andjelic said, that when we are talking about speed the most important thing is to move efficient.


“I used passed 2-3 months to find all the unnecessary steps that she takes and take her off balance. Now it’s time to eliminate them. That is not physically too demanding, but it requires maximum concentration both on my and Timi’s end. Next three weeks will be very important for Timi’s fitness level. If we do everything correct I expect by the time US Open comes we will see different Timea on the court. She will last longer in the matches and she will be able to play several very intense matches in a raw on a high level. I am very excited about period coming up because I see a big potential for improvement in this part of Timi’s game” – closed the coach, who came from the United States.


Nikola Andjelic works alongside the team captain of the Hungarian Fed Cup Team, Levente Barátosi. The more experienced Hungarian coach also have opinion of Timi’s chances.


“During the spring season, we complemented by a new team member in the person of Nikola. We were after the very difficult period of the season, when Timi almost lost half of her points, but then she came back, although not as spectacular as last year! – started Barátosi. – Unfortunately, we couldn’t reached the main draw of the Roland Garros, but we tried to make the racing program to the more favorable surfaces for Wimbledon and the US Open. It was gratifying to win the tournament in South Africa and the fact that Timi is finding her old clay court game. Perhaps the best example of that she reached the last eight in the domestic competition! Of course, there are still tasks and challenges ahead of us, the most important is to be ready physically and mentally for a series of hard matches. Without this, no further step! We try to interrupt the constant racing and allowing more time for training, because this is the way, to prepare this elements of the game. Which may be effective in the coming tournaments!”