AO 2022: Timi won’t play in Melbourne

AO 2022: Timi won’t play in Melbourne

16/12/2021 – She announced it at the Instagram and Facebook.


“The world has unfortunately changed a lot since our 2020 Australian Open doubles victory. This year in Melbourne, I got a huge, almost unprocessed slap from my partner, then came my Covid illness and then my stubborn injuries.


With all will, I threw myself into training a few months ago and started returning to the world of competitive tennis.


Because of my weaker singles ranking and my doubles success, I’m obviously facing a series of dilemmas in the future, but one thing’s for sure, I won’t give up because I know and believe there’s more to it than that. (And yes, there will be another doubles partner with Timi Babos in 2022, but I will announce you about that later.).


Having said all that, however, I made the decision to skip next year’s Australian Opent after X years because I got to the point in my career where earning potential and potential glory isn’t everything. I simply cannot identify with the Australian Government’s Covid measures, the possible quarantine obligation, as Covid camps deter. I can honestly say I wouldn’t go to Australia with a calm heart for either the singles quali or my favorite Grand Slam.


I am sorry for the situation and I wish all participating players to Australia good luck and above all a safe stay!


xx Timi”