AO 2020: Timi and Kiki about the Final

AO 2020: Timi and Kiki about the Final




„It’s obviously always a tough warm-up to go out there and play another final. I think we’re just handling it better and better each time we go on court for such a special moment, for these special matches. We had great memories from last time we played them, that’s for sure. That was the final of the Masters in Shenzhen. We really controlled that match, played very well. Same as today. We had a plan which we really wanted to stick to. They tried technically everything…They stepped up their game I think compared to the last match. I really think it was a lot tougher one. I think it’s just amazing the way we’re working together and how we handled the situations together. This gives an extra boost for every single match we play. We all have our ups and downs. We had it here, both of us. Still each match we went there and we gave our best and helped each other. At the end it turned out pretty solid because we went all the way without dropping a set. That actually never happened to us. That’s also something new. The way we are together and the way we are just fitting together, I think it’s pretty much becoming unbeatable. We’re best friends, and everything we do, we do it together. It just makes things easier.”  




“We both lost pretty early in the tournament in singles. It’s tough because we are competitors. We wanted to do better. It’s not always easy to kind of stick around and keep working and believing. It’s the beginning of the season, so you expect much of yourself. It makes it just so much easier to have your best friend by your side because you can fulfill those long days of work [with] a best friend or family around, I’m very grateful.”


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