AO 2018: Thomas Drouet, the proud coach

AO 2018: Thomas Drouet, the proud coach

27/01/2018 – He has been helping Timi’s career since the spring of 2014.

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Thomas Drouet. The coach from Monaco began his work with the Hungarian player nearly four years ago. Then Babos was not a member of the top100, and even among the best in the world in doubles. Hard work, faith and determination have resulted in many common successes. Since Friday, the Grand Slam trophy has also shown its fruitful cooperation.

„The 1st thing coming to my mind is the proudness. Proud that once more Tímea create the tennis history in Hungary, and I proud to be part of that. I remember 1 month before the WTA Finals of Singapore, I sat down with Tímea and I told her: ok, this year we are going to prepare the event and work on your doubles skills. So we started to be a bit more specific and do some exercices to help her to play better. Tímea became a lot more confident in her reflex in her movements and in her tactic part. She and up to win the WTA Finals, after that I told her my goal for next year is that you win a Grand Slam and become number one in the world and again make the history of your country.

Tímea worked hard on her singles and also her doubles, we improved a lot a physical capacities and made some changes on practices which as we can see payed off.


Those 2 weeks were extremely intense but I could see that match by match they were playing better and better. They won the last 3 matches playing a very aggressive game and smart a the same time.


And I am very proud of it, very proud of all the efforts we made even if last season was really not an easy season, we had a lot of down moments losing 14 times 1st round in single but we never gave up. And I woke up every morning with Tímea to find the solution, the change starting to operate during the last summer and since then Tímea became an other player, more positive more calm more fighting spirit.


I have also a plan making Tímea to taste a Grand Slam victory, it’s give her the confidence for her singles. I believe she has the capacity to win a Slam in singles, it’s just question to believe in herself. She is able to control maximum pressure in doubles, so she can do it also in singles, because the pressure is the same. And she proved again that she has the capacity.

I hope that victory will boost her for her singles. Until then we will continue to try to improve and be better day by day…Last thing I would like to thank all the people who help and support us, and more specially in the hard time.”

Results by Thomas Drouet and Tímea Babos (until 26 January 2018):
– Career Best Position in Singles: 25 (19 September 2016)
– Career Best Position in doubles: 7 (30 October 2017)
– Singles titles: 1 WTA Tour (2017: Budapest), 1 WTA125s (2015: Taipei), 2 ITFs (2014: Gifu, Poitiers)
– Grand Slam titles in doubles: 1 (2018: Australian Open), 1 WTA Finals (2017: Singapore), 9 WTA Tour (2014: Kuala Lumpur, 2015: Dubai, Marrakech, Rome, 2017: Sydney, Rabat, Quebec City, Taskent , Moscow)
– Singles finals: 4 WTA Tour (2015: Marrakech, 2016: Florianopolis, 2017: Quebec City, Taskent)
– Doubles finals: Grand Slam (2014: Wimbledon – Ladies’ Doubles, 2015: Wimbledon – Mixed Doubles, 2016: Wimbledon – Ladies’ Doubles), WTA Tour (2014: Monterrey, Cincinnati, 2016: Miami, Florianopolis, 2017: Madrid) -, Beijing), 1 WTA125s (2014: Limoges)