AO 2018: superb victory in WD

AO 2018: superb victory in WD

23/01/2018 – The Hungarian-French came back from 1-4 in the decisive tie-break.


Tímea Babos, Kristina Mladenovic (Hungarian, French, 5)-Latisha Chan, Andrea Sestini Hlaváčková (Taiwanese, Czech, 1) 6:4, 0:6, 7:6 (8-6)


The match lasted 2 hours 22 minutes in Melbourne.


“It was a tough match, I’m glad We won! There was a lot of twists and turns in the quarter-final. It was not easy to win. I’m happy to get through! There were moments when it was about the tennis, and when it was about mental things. I’m happy to have assembled myself, gathering ourselves for the tie-break and winning it. If We want to be more detailed: the first set was really about tennis. We played a big battle, everyone was playing well. Then at the beginning of the second set We had a lot of chances, but We did not use them. Then We were overwhelmed. Then the decisive set was a real set-up. First of all, We broke them, and then the opponent immediately came back with a good receiver’s game. After all, the service games were relatively smooth. In the tie-break We led 1-0, then followed by 1-4, then 6-4, 6-6, 8-6. It was really very tough, with tremendous excitement. I am very happy to have managed to get through the first Australian Open quarter-final” – Timi.


The Hungarian player played for the first time in the women’s doubles for the semi-finals at the Australian Open, and after a number of turns she was able to celebrate a huge victory at the side of the old-new partner, Kristina Mladenovic. On the other side of the net there were two experienced and extremely successful doubles specialists, Chan and Sestini Hlaváčková won a number of great events, though not together.
Timi and Mladenovic won the opening game of the 47-minute first set as a receiver, but did not hold their own serve after 2:1. The next game was won by the Taiwanese-Czech pair from 4 break points, but in the seventh game, they did not escape.


The fifth seeded Hungarian-French pair in the seventh game broke the opponent to 15, then the strengthened its advantage behind the serves. Then, after 5:4, Timi and Mladenovic showed again a tremendous will and heart in the QF. The Hungarian-French team turned the game from 15-40, using the second set point.


The 28-minute second set brought a great turn. Chan and Sestini Hlaváčková won almost all the important points. The Taiwanese-Czech double broke the opponent three times, giving no chance to them.


It seemed that the 1st seeded pair is on the right track, but Timi and Mladenovic “interjected”. The Hungarian-French pair was excellent again in the third set, which was one of the keys to later events.


After 3:3 Timi and Mladenovic took advantage of the fourth break chance in a huge battle, so they were close to the semifinal. Unfortunately, the next two close game were won by Chan and Sestini Hlaváčková, so heavy pressure was placed on the opponent.


Timi and Kristina Mladenovic won the next two own service games to 0 and 15, so came the decisive tie-break.


At the beginning of the tie-break, the Taiwanese-Czech pair led 4-1, when the new big turn came. Timi and Kristina Mladenovic won five rallies in a row to led 6-4. The opponent came back to 6-6.


But Timi and Kristina Mladenovic won the next receiver’s point. Then they finished the match after the Hungarian player’s good serve.


Timi and Kristina Mladenovic played a final in Wimbledon in 2014 and reached the SF in 2015.


The Hungarian-French pair’s next opponent will be Su-Wei Hsieh and Shuai Peng.


The Taiwanese player (born: 4 January, 1986) is 34th in the world rankings, and ranked 1st (12 May 2014) as her best. Hsieh has won 19 WTA and 20 ITFs in this genre: in Wimbledon and at he WTA Finals in 2013, in Roland Garros, in 2014, remained unbeaten, all the time on Peng’s side.

The Chinese player (born: 8 January, 1986) is 10th in the world rankings, and her best career was 1st (February 17, 2014). Peng has won 21 WTA and 3 ITF tournaments in women’s doubles.