After great successes, before important tasks

After great successes, before important tasks

12/04/2016 – Timi talked about the first three months of the season and about the upcoming clay court period in Budapest at a press conference.


The 22-year-old Hungarian player celebrated great successes in 2016 in singles and doubles. In singles she was a semifinalist in Shenzhen, then she reached the last eight in St Petersburg and Katowice. She won three matches at the Miami Open, first time at a Premier Mandatory event. She defeated top20 players, Sara Errani and Karolina Pliskova. And she won a match at the Australian Open, also first time.




After the Miami Open she was ranked 39th, she first time was the member of the top40. She celebrated career high ranking three times this year.


“It was an amazing feeling, for sure! After all, even at the end of the last year I said that my goal for the whole next season will be the top40. In comparison, it managed to get there after the first quarter. I was very, very happy and incredibly kept to succeed. Of course, this also motivate Me because I set a new goal in front of Myself. It’s easier to begin the training every day. The most important, that I was very happy.”


Because of the new career high ranking of 39, Timi will have new targets for the next months.


“My life is all about the tournaments every week, regardless of the Olympics. Already this year I had many events, I played in lot of events, in a lot of tournaments and played at a lot of places. Now I finished the first quarter of the season and thus the hard court season. Now I focus on the clay court I played at many big tournament, there were big matches. I collected a lot of experience. I hope that I will build on them and I will build them into my game.”


Timi in recent week finished a long and arduous period in the industrial town in Poland, at Katowice. Obviously, the question arises of how tired she is.


“I think this could already seen in Katowice. I arrived on Tuesday afternoon from Miami and I began the event on Wednesday. I was incredibly tired, and I say this not very often. Yes, not I have four or five days to recover a little. After all, I want to train a lot and I try to prepare Myself for the next period. Otherwise, the most difficult is the February-March period. After all, there is no good time at home, so when you finished a tournament, you do not want to come home. You should immediately go to the next tournament, because you can play outdoors. That is why we have such a long tour, I think it was nine weeks. I actually had to stop and recover Myself. “


In the next weeks the best Hungarian player will change the surface from hard court to clay. This will demand a different style of play, tactics and preparation.


“For me it means a lot of work. And a little bit different preparation than the hard court season. Since the end of last year, a psychologist team working a lot with Me. Now new plans and targets should be set for the clay court period. Especially mentally I have to accept that now came the clay, not a hard, fast surface. More work is needed on the physical preparation. But the whole team will help Me to be prepared in all aspects.”


In summer the Rio Olympcs will be one of, or not the most important tournament. Timi has a very good position in the qualifying and she said, she will do everything to be among the participants at the end of the Roland Garros.


“It’s very, very important, regardless of whether I am a tennis player. The last time I played in London, it enriched me with a great experience. I have been cited unbelievable that I have familiarized Myself with the outstanding athletes. At the age of nineteen it was very big thing, they I’m an eye witness of the events and not a TV spectator. Of course, my goal is to be there this year. Now I think it would take a miracle to keep me out of that. Of course I am working to improve on My rankings, to be sure of the Olympics.”


Last year Timi was the first Hungarian who played at the doubles WTA Finals. Her partner was Kristina Mladenovic. This year, she also have a chance, but this time the singles in the priority.


“It’s a very bold gold to be in Singapore in singles. But there is the WTA Elite Trophy, which was staged in China last year. There can still be a chance, this is a small goal We set out with my coach and team. Now in doubles I was not focused to the Singapore appearance. At the beginning of the year I did not feel that I will be successfull  with my partner, so We split. And it was difficult to find a good new partner. Then I found Shvedova till Wimbledon. But I said many times: this year, the I focus on singles. And I don’t want to loose a minute or a match because of the doubles.”


Domokos Szollár, communications director of the MOL Group underlined and emphasized:

“An important element of MOL’s policy is to build a bridge between talented young people and professional sport in Hungary. We believe that the responsibility of a large Hungarian company is to search for the young talents in any sport. We need to understand what they need in the young age, when the sponsors have not yet discovered them.


Over the past 10 years, the New Europe Foundation spent on talent support program more than 320 million forints, We helped in 1800 young athlete. We are very proud of all the participants and especially pleased that We were able to help in the route for the big international successes, such as the Olympics Champion Áron Szilágyi, or Timi Babos.”