39! Another CH in singles

39! Another CH in singles

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04/04/2016 – Timea first time became a member of the Top40 in singles. She hopes, that this is not the final destination of her career.


After winning three matches in singles and a final in doubles. Timi lived through great days at the Miami Open, she celebrated beautiful and important successes.


Thanks to the excellent appearance she “jumped” several places at the World Rankings. This year the 22-year old Hungarian player has improved the previous best position in singles for the third time.


She jumped 10 places, so she is now ranked 39th. She is the member of the top40 for the first time. Her previous Career High was 44th, after the quarter-final at St Petersburg (15 February 2016).


Timi is 15th at the Singles Race, after the Miami Open. In doubles she is 11th at the World rankings and she is 7th in Doubles Race with Yaroslava Shvedova.


“It’s incredible that after a few weeks we can talk again about my Career High in singles! It is amazingly good and positive feeling! I am very, very happy to have achieved another milestone in my career! This is also an interesting situation, since the beginning of the year I said that this season I want to get into the Top 40”– said the 22-year-old Hungarian player.


Timi won at the Premier Mandatory tournament against Anna Tatishvili, Karolina Pliskova and Naomi Osaka Naomi. At the last 16 she played a huge battle against the World No3 and current Australian Open champ, Angelique Kerber.


“Already, after the Miami Open I can celebrate that I reached top40. At the last night in Miami I talked with my coach, Thomas Drouet. We are both pleased and very proud of this ranking. We’ve been working together for more than two years. Since then I steadily improving my rank, I step forward and I play better and better. keep getting better in the game. It’s a very-very good feeling, than I can speak about this again.”


Thomas Drouet is the coach from the spring of 2014 with Timi. The success of the work is shown by great triumphs in singles and doubles, tournament trophies in singles and doubles, two Wimbledon final and the appearance at the 2015 WTA Finals in dubs.


“One thing is sure: I worked a lot in the last two years, to be better. Now the Miami tournament is an evidence for Me and some little feedback to everyone that I can play very well. In fact, hard to put into words how pleased and how happy I am. What is certain, I do not want, that it’s the final peak of My career. This is just one of the newer floor of the house 🙂 now become more stable in the main, I hope that I can continue to build. That is why We work so hard to develop. I want to build on it”– said Timi.


“I would like to thank again everyone who has helped so far in my career! But I would say, that most of all those who have supported Me in recent times, and over the years. As the first would like to thank Thomas, who works a lot with Me, to whom I mostly owe the successes of the past years!!! Of course, there is My family, the fitness coach, the sponsors, and there are also those who are in the background, working “behind the wall”. And of course thanks to all My Fans!!! They are the ones who can motivate and help Me every day, when I step on the court with My feet!”